Sunday, March 3, 2013

Preschool Snack Day

I am so excited to share what I did for Jude's class for his snack contribution this session.  Remember I mentioned in this post that I would be sending a snack in muffin containers?  Well, I did.  I called Jude from work right after school and he said "Mommy, do you know what?  All of my friends loved my snack so much!"  I could hear the excitement and appreciation in his voice.  I was even more happy to hear that he ate his "all gone".

After scouring the aisles and changing my mind over and over again on what to put into each space of the four compartments I was able to narrow it down to applesauce (this fit in one of the spaces nicely), the multi-colored Goldfish, grape tomatoes and sliced cucumbers with veggie dip and fun shaped marshmallows for a little something sweet. These little marshmallows came in the shape of ice cream cones and strawberries and are chocolate filled and both are dusted in sugar.  These were a big hit according to Jude!

Look at how cute!

I topped each one with a spoon for the applesauce and a coordinating napkin that matched the cupcake liners.  Each kiddo also got a little container of veggie dip and a juice box of 100% apple juice.  Just as I had hoped, the teacher kept the containers to use for a project at a later date! 

I am so glad the kids enjoyed the healthy, (with one exception) fun packaged snack and most of all that Jude was so excited to share them.  He helped me assemble by placing the liners in each space and eating some of the goldfish and tomatoes along the way as I packed the rest.  I can't wait until its our turn again. 

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