Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day of School. (Gasp)!

I am sure everyone has seen the idea on Pinterest of taking a picture of their little love with 
their grade on a piece of paper or chalkboard.  Well I loved the idea and couldn't resist.  In the middle of the night on the eve of Jude's first day of school I was painting away on a piece of spare wood I had left over from a previous project.  I wrote the grade and year since because of his age he will be doing two years of Preschool as well as what he said he wanted to be when he got "big".  

I knew before asking that his answer will be "when I get big, I want to be a Football Guy"

He is so ridiculously full of cuteness I can't get over it.  

 Here he is in his classroom for the first time since our little visit to drop off supplies to the teacher.  I posted about that here.  He looks a little dazed as if he is trying to process it all but no worries.  He was more than fine with me taking him to a strange place, dropping him off all alone with strangers and leaving him there to fend for himself.  I was dragging on with my goodbye's and of course he simply said "Bye Mommy, see you later" as if it was no big deal.  So in front of him I put on my brave face, but walking out to my car I cried.  

Best of luck my sweetie boy!