Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garden Bridge---complete!

First things first, my dad constructed the Garden Bridge for me and brought it over Tuesday night. It was SO heavy. It is quite large because I decided I wanted it big enough to drive the riding mower across in case Clint wanted to start using that instead of push mowing that side of the yard. The lumber my dad used was just stuff he had left over from previous projects so it was a little rough in some areas. I decided to sand it by hand to get rid of some discolorations, flaws, etc. I had decided earlier that day that I would put Jude to bed about 45 minutes early so that I would have some day light left to get it sanded and stained. Putting him to sleep went perfectly, as it usually does. I retreated to the garage with the baby monitor to gather my supplies (stain, sanding wedge, rag, paintbrush)...until I realized after searching for about 15 minutes that the paint brushes were not in their usualy place and that Clint must have moved them. Obviously, I couldn't call and ask him where they were, so I called my wonderful father in law who was kind enough to bring one over. I literally had about 10 minutes left to get it stained. It turned out wonderful. I have all the lumber to construct the side rails but am unsure now if I want to put them on because I like the way that it kind of blends into the yard. Maybe I will for a few years until I feel comfortable with Jude not falling over the side since I can always remove them later. We'll see.

Here is a photo of it in the yard now without the side rails.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I always thought that Independence Day would always be my favorite holdiay. I don't know what it is exactly about it that I have always loved...but its the feeling I get when it approaches and arrives that has always made it my favorite. I think that its the romance potential that it holds and the nostalgic and historical meaning behind it that really makes it special. Now that I am a parent, Indepence Day has taken a back seat to Mother's and Father's Day. Who would have thought that these holidays could change in meaning so dramatically? Although I think that parents should not just get one day per year to honor them or tell them how special they are, I think its a great way of saying "here is a day just for you". It's more than just a Hallmark holiday.

Unfortunately, my husband is out of town this year (only his 2nd Father's Day) for a class he must complete for his Master's program in Traverse City, MI. He left yesterday and won't return until this coming Friday! I hate that he is away, but glad that I will be able to complete a great project for him while he is away. I decided to work over the weekend so that I only had to work two days during the week so that I could work on the project and have it completed before he returns.

We have a narrow creek that runs through our back yard and since we moved in over three years ago, we have talked about putting in a garden bridge to go over it so we can cross from one side of the yard to the other. This would eliminate having to "hop" over it every time we want to cross and would save Clint the hassle of trying to get the push mower over since he can't get the rider over. My husband isn't handy, at all. Therefore, I thought that with my dads help of getting all the wood cut--I could knock this project out and have it in place before Clint returns. I am trying to think of a way to make it special and commemorate that it was a Father's Day gift but am undecided. I was thinking that I would carve our son Jude's initials into one of the posts, that way we can add to the post as we add children to our family, but am still brainstorming ideas.
I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful husband who happens to be an excellent father. Hopefully he will love his gift and know how much love went into it.

Wish me luck on this project. Here are a few ideas of what I am looking to create.

I like the simplicity of this one but unsure of how safe it would be with a one year old.
I really like this one but would like more of an arch.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Projects in the works

If you don't know this about me must know now. I love garage sales...and finding great deals. I am very excited to say that already this garage sale season, I have scored some GREAT deals! Three noteable purchases were a bookshelf for Jude's room, a wingback chair that I am hoping to recover and a buffet made of solid wood that I would like to put in the dining room or masterbath.

My plan was to sand and paint the bookcase for Jude's room as it is very old, but because his books were all over the place, I immediatly shoved the books on the shelf in his room....and decided to put it on hold til I had more time. I found this piece at a sale covered with other little figurines. It wasn't actually for sale--they were using it to display other things that had for sale. (I didn't know this at the time). So when I asked "how much"?, the lady threw out $2, and I was sold!
Perfect size for his books!
Reading a few books before bed time.

The wingback chair was a great deal. I was looking for a "project chair" to recover since I am a beginner sewer and was looking for a reupholstery project. I found this chair at a subdivision sale in Flushing, MI for $10. For now, it is in the garage waiting for me to choose the perfect fabric and spot to place it. I am thinking that it will go into Jude's room when I remove the rocking chair that I use in there now. Otherwise, I was going to make a "reading" space for myself in our spacious master bedroom.
It looks so comfortable but needs work to look fabulous.

As for the buffet, I got it for FREE! What is better than that? I went to a garage sale my aunts new husband was having and I asked how much he wanted for it since it wasn't priced....and he said I could just have it since it was given to him and he just used it in his garage to store some extra tools! How wonderful!
A solid wood buffet for FREE!

That is three pieces of furniture for a mere $17. Others junk (if it can be tastefully redone) is another person's treasure!