Friday, October 5, 2012

Gwenyth turned One! (three months ago).

So I posted last about Jude's third birthday and now I am posting about Gwenyth's FIRST!  I cannot believe how fast little babies grow up!  There are days I beg my little chitlins to stop growing big and always stay mommy's baby.  Jude usually responds with "but Mooooommm, then I won't be the bestest football player ever!" and from Gwen a cute little giggle. 

I knew that when Gwen turned one I wanted to get a full photo shoot with our all time favorite photographer, Lisa Hodack.  Since I had already decided the theme would be a summer lemonade stand I ordered the most perfect dress from the etsy shop, ILUVMYTUTUBYGG.  The dress was the absolute perfect color and fit.  She wore it for her photos as well as her party. 

Here are a few photos from her shoot:

Seriously, I can't get over just how beautiful she is. 
Even when she is over of having her picture taken, wants a bubby (bottle) and desperatly want to go nigh night (take a nap) and is doing this....
while crying big alligator tears like these ones...
She is still able to be bribed... 
So we can get just a few more gorgeous shots like these...

We were also able to get just a few mommy - daughter shots.

It was an absolute lovely day spent with my sweet baby girl.

I love you Gwenyth.  You are an absolute joy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So many happenings...

There are a few key things I have been meaning to blog about but every time I think I will have time, an obligation pulls me in one direction, then another pulls me in the other.  Now that I am wide awake at 2 AM on this wonderful evening, I thought that I would get a start.

There are many things that have occurred since my last post.  First, Jude turned three and Gwen turned one!  Yes!  I know, crazy isn't it?   Jude is so so handsome and thinks he is the biggest boy and Gwen is still as healthy and beautiful as can be and is thriving every day.  In between the two birthdays, we went on Spring Break to Myrtle Beach.  What fun!  After that trip, I took an end of the summer girls trip was a dream.  Next, Jude started preschool.  My darling little boy has sure grown up.  It is so bittersweet.  Lastly, I just planned my TEN YEAR class reunion which was held this past weekend.  It was so much fun!

So many things to post about! To me, it makes sense to do it chronologically, so the post you see next will be JUDE TURNING THREE and the details of his party!