Meet us

Life certainly happens in the Galvas House.  There is never a dull moment.  I am a working mama of two great kiddos--a handsome perfectionist (takes after his mama), athletic 7 year old, Jude and a wise beyond her years, sassy, too-cute for words four year old, Gwenyth.  I am married to a mega-hot high school Phys-Ed teacher/Football Coach who loves to cause a stir and keep our house crazy --but our normal.  We have two pups, Stella (Austrailian Shepherd) our old girl who we've had for ages and Lula (Beagle), our newest addition.

Follow me through this journey of life as I share the subjects I love most: Family - Home - Travel - Cooking - Home Projects - School Projects - Animals - Nature - Mid-western Living - Friends

I love writing as it gives me an outlet.  It is something uniquely my own and at the time that I started blogging, I needed that.  I was a busy working mother without much of an identity of my own.  I was employee, wife and mom.  While I love all those titles and take pride in the way I perform in each of those roles,  I needed something that was solely my own, and this is it.  So hopefully, I make your visit enjoyable and hope that you will follow my blog and leave comments! 

To introduce myself and family, we have.....

Anna (Me).  I am a simple girl who tried to make it a priority to stop and truly appreciate life and the people and experiences we choose to fill it with.  I am a dreamer and I like to explore opportunities.  I am a person who is constantly working on myself.  I am a Mortgage Underwriter and I truly love my job.  There is never a day when I wake up and say "Gosh--I really don't want to go to work".  That, in and of itself is a success I believe.  I like feel-good stories, deep conversations, travel, cooking and home projects. I love to listen to NPR, crime story podcasts and go to small venues and listen to local musical talents.  I like to get lost by myself in the hardware store, the book store and the grocery store where my creative juices start flowing.  I am known for always having a trip in the works or ideas stirring for the next project I want to start.  I try to be appear like I have it all together -- but most days I am flying by the seat of my pants.

Clint (the mega hot husband I mentioned).  Clint and I had our first date on Christmas day during my senior year of high school---we have been together ever since. Somehow I was able to get this charming, compassionate, can't say no to anyone man to stick with me an build this beautiful life with me.  He is a family man who knows the importance of putting Christ above everything else.  He has and will always continue to be a mama's boy. He is a High School Phys Ed teacher and a Varsity Football coach with a reputation for winning and success.  He has a gift of being able to connect with anyone he meets and makes lasting friendships.  He is my love and he brings me so much joy.

Jude (7 years old).   He is a ridiculously athletic boy that is always on the go.  He has been around and involved in football since the time he was in a baby carrier as Clint toted him to practice where he coaches at the local high school.  While he has a passion for the sport, he is a perfectionist who is super duper hard on himself.  Unfortunately, he gets this from me.  He loves summer days when he can creep around the creeks and ponds and catch frogs, snakes and turtles.  He is a nature lover and a mama's boy which I will welcome as long as I live.

Gwenyth  (4 years old).   She is just the friendliest and most loveable little girl.  She will meet strangers and convince herself that in that brief meeting, they became the best of friends.  I love her optimism for life and people.  She is so much like her daddy in this respect.  She is very independent and a mind that goes a mile a minute.  She is full of sass and while she loves to dress up, she has no reservations when it comes to helping her big bro gather worms for fishing or a frog to add to their collection.  She enjoys dancing and is a MASTER at putting together puzzles.  She loves back scratches and cuddles which I gladly give and cherish.

Stella (our spunky Austrailian Shepherd).  Stella is a very high energy dog who has to have your full attention at every moment.  Our constant phrase for her is "she's a lot of work" or "she's too much".  It's hard to describe exactly what I mean because I have never seen anything like it.  She is just out of control with how much attention she needs and if you don't give it to her....she will force it.  She will push her snout under your hand to get a pat on the head or pet from you.  While she is lovable, she is a bit timid around people outside of the family, making her a great protector.  She exemplifies loyalty.

Lula (our adorable pink nosed Beagle).  She is adorable and sweet, and we are (slowly) getting use to having a puppy in the house again.  Clint got this little gal for me this past Christmas (2015). It was a total surprise.  He saw her posted and knew I would fall in love with her as she (SO) closely resembles our old beagle, Roxy who we got while we were in college and had through the time both of out kiddos were born.  Lula is full of mischief and is quickly finding her voice (howl).  She loves doggie biscuits and loves to pester Stella all day long.