Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome basket for Jude's teacher

Jude is starting preschool.  Yes...already!  I cannot believe how fast it came.  He and I have been talking repeatedly that he would be "starting school in the Fall".  To get him prepped for the start of school and to ensure that there were no first day jitters I thought it would be fun if he and I put together a gift basket for his new teacher and while dropping it off, we cold stop in and see his classroom.  

I bought a simple black milk crate and filled it with items such as sanitizing wipes, tissue, glue and crayons.  On the outside, Jude and I taped boxes of markers, glue sticks and crayons.  We tied it with black and white ribbons to match the school colors and included a discount card sold by the football team for discounts from local small businesses for her to use and a small note.  

The note said:

Miss Humphreys, 
I look forward to having you supply me with knowledge! 
Welcome to New Lothrop!

We took it to the school and she happened to be there. We took a quick moment for a quick hi, introduce ourselves and welcome her.  Jude peeked around the classroom and I showed him around the building a bit.  He seems like he will be perfectly fine, but me on the other hand....I think I will put a happy smile on but be crying on the inside.  He sure is getting so so big so fast. 

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