Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspiration Monday!

I thought that I should begin my Inspiration Monday with something I found for Jude.  It's still a bit early to implement, but cannot wait to use it when the time comes.  I found this featured over at Be Different...Act Normal.  (which is a great blog I follow).  Camille from The Mother Lode (which is saved to my favorites) was the one who masterminded this particular idea.  It is a game called The Alphabet Rocks, a game that teaches kids to match lower case and upper case letters.  How great is this?  I think that it would be great to have a magnetic version as well.  Simply glueing magnets to the backs so that they can be used on the fridge would be a fun distraction for Jude while I get dinner ready.  Camille was even kind enough to share this link to the template.  Be Different...Act Normal always links some great ideas and The Mother Lode is full of inspiration, so I suggest you add them to your reading list.

Next, I saw this over at Greenbean's Crafterole awhile back and I have been meaning to share it.  I thought that this would be an excellent idea for party favors or a shower.  It is soap in the shape of a popscicle--stick and all!  It has a great step-by-step tutorial and even tells you where to get the items used in the tutorial, go planet earth.  I love the way they used a scallopped cutter to make t look like a bite had been taken out of it!  Seriously, the next shower I help with or summer party I host....I think that I have to make these! 

I saw this over at Frugal Life Project which is another great blog that I follow.  This is an idea for Jude as well...and has to wait til later when he can understand the concept of chores and responsibilies.  I figure in about another year, this can be used.  It is a sort of job application for kids to take on additional house responsibilities for an increase in allowance for the agreed upon time.  The idea was actually on Living Locurto (which is amazing) and Amy was even kind enough to share a printable version of the application with everyone.  You can find it here.  There are really great names for the positions.  For example, there is a Zoo Keeper position for taking care of the animals, President of Environmental Protection is the person who ensures that lights are turned off that are not being used, takes care of the recycling, etc.  How neat is that?  I think kids---like adults, love titles so this is wonderful!  I highly suggest taking a look at these two blogs as well.  Although, I must warn you that they can be highly addictive.  You think you're just going over there to take a peek...and next thing you know you are hours in!  Frugal Life Project features some great promos that are going on EVERYWHERE as well as feautures great projects like the one mentioned above.  Living Locurto is wonderful with all their free printables and party ideas!

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