Friday, September 3, 2010

Inspired by my BFF across the country.

I am constantly inspired by influential women, including my best friend Kristen who lives across the country in Washington.  She recently posted on her blog, LoveK about organization.  She is actually featuring her entire week on organizing different areas of her home and life.  (Check it out)!  Her post about her laundry area really struck a cord with me as mine was a COMPLETE disaster!  It has been too convenient to just throw things in the door and shut it really quick since we try and keep the door closed as Jude has an obsession with opening the dryer and crawling in.  In addition, it was kinda dangerous in there for a 1 year old actually.  There was loose change around collected from pockets (choking hazard), golf tees (a poking hazard), things he could trip over (brooms, mops, etc), chemicals and it was was simply just a mess.  So after seeing Kristen post, I knew I had to take action. 

Luckily, Jude takes really great naps so yesterday when he was napping, I got to work.  He napped for just over three hours, so I had plenty of time to get things done! 

Take a look at the before--

Here are the trip hazards.  There were out of season coats, large amount of plastic shopping bags, reuseable shopping bags, etc.
Cleaning supplies, old dog treats, q-tips (Jude was carrying them around and brought them to me while I was in there-random).
A crate below that was empty, a laundry basket of miscellaneous things waiting to be washed (rugs, placemats, reds, cushions).
My steam mop, a tote full of things needing to just be put in their proper place and Jude's diaper pail.  We leave it in the laundry room because we use cloth diapers and its most convenient to put them in the laundry room since they will need to be washed.
Stuff stacked on the dryer.  My bento, laundry products, trash for lint and things found in pockets, a basket full of random things collected from the washer and dryer.

Now for the after:
I removed all of the things that were hanging in there and placed them in its owners closet.  I swept and mopped it and put all of the handled cleaning irems inside neatly.
I hung the plastic bags on a hanger so that I can put them into the recycling bin the next time I go to the grocery store.
I placed all my cleaning supplies from the shelf, the top of the washer and dryer and from random places in the house into this basket. 

I placed this jar on the shelf for loose change we find in the laundry.
Here is the shelf--all organized!
I removed the basket that was just collecting random things that needed to be washed and put the diaper pail in its place.  I washed the things that were in the basket and put them away.  I repurposed the bin that was under the basket and am using it for dinosaur storage in Jude's room.
I placed a bright placemat on the dryer and set the trash on top.  I also washed the canister that held dog treats and placed my reuseable grocery bags inside so I knew exactly where they were.
Since Jude's nap was so long, I even had time to hang the brackets and paint the wood for a new shelf.  I had plans to add an additional shelf for quite some time so I had the wood cut already.  I wanted one on top to house small appliances I don't often use.  My large rice cooker, crock pots, bento and heart shaped picnic basket now have a permanant home.

I am so happy with the end result.  When my husband came home, I told him to look at the laundry room and how nice it looked.  He said...."did we get new tile?"  I didn't quite understand but then he followed it with---"it's just that I haven't seen the floor in so long"....(because it's been so messy).  He's a funny cat! 

Just wanted to send a message of thanks to Kristen for getting my butt in gear!  Love you!


  1. Ooooo, organization makes me so happy! :)

  2. Thanks for inspiring me Kristen...and I love organization as well...but with a little one running around...its hard to put a system in place and keep it there sometimes! =)