Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring---Please come soon!

I am so anxious for Spring to arrive.  I get my hopes up with every sunny day we have only to be disappointed when I see snow the following day. 

As I mentioned before, my mother in law is a florist.  When she does arrangements for an event I usually always benefit.  This weekend was no exception. Clint's wonderful cousin Emily is marrying a good friend of ours, Tony.  We cannot tell you how happy we are to see these two people share the rest of their lives together joined in love and marriage.  They are one if those couples that you say....something about them together is "just right".  They are both so kind hearted; the kind of people who would do anything for any one. On top of that, they both have an infectious sense of humor.  Well, this past weekend was their bridal shower and my mother in law did the centerpieces.  They were a few left over at the end so I was able to bring these beauties home.  Doesn't it get you excited for Spring as well?

Tulips make me think of Spring and that makes me smile!

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