Thursday, August 25, 2011

California Love

This past weekend, Clint and I took a trip to California's Southern coast to celebrate with our friend Curt who was marrying his love, Lindsey.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see him so happy.  Clint met Curt at college while I was home for the summer.   He lived in the apartment above his and they became instant friends.  Since he was with him playing basketball ALL the time, I wasn't a big fan of this Curt fellow because he was always taking away from the phone time I had with Clint.  It wasn't til I met him for myself that I understood.  Curt's personality and smile were infectious.  He was a truly genuine person too.  We were all together so much that he almost felt more like family than a friend.  He always looked out for us and us for him.  We confided in each other often and all grew so close. 

We are so overjoyed with the fact that he found his soul mate.  We knew the first time we saw them together that he found the one.  They seem to compliment each other so well and after hearing all the wonderful comments from others who knew her well at the wedding, we are even happier. 

The whole weekend was a great time.  We met some great people who we hope to get to know better and keep in touch with and we were able to reconnect with others we hadn't seen since college. 

Here are some pictures from our weekend away.

 Karl Straus Brewing Co. had such a beautiful setting.  Surrounded by koi ponds.
 Del Mar before rehearsal.
 Curt, myself, Clint and Troy
 Happy faces.
 Downtown San Diego
 La Jolla, CA
 Seal at Children's Pool
 Me with seals.
 Clint with seals.
Before the wedding. 
 Emotional groom.
 Beautiful bride.
 The kiss.

**Another post to come about an experience in CA that deserves it's own post.  Hope you're excited to see what it is!

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