Thursday, September 8, 2011 delish!

Last time I mentioned that something deserved its own post.  This woulld be that post!  While in California while hanging out at the beach after the rehearsal and brunch Clint and I were trying to figure out how we should spend the rest of our day.  After talking to Troy and his girlfriend Meagan we decided to venture the city together and get Pinkberry.  (Yum)!  What inspired the trip was the HBO show, Curb your Enthusiasm.  If you watch the show, you have likely seen the episode.  In this particular episode, Larry and his friend Jeff are supposed to be going to get the dog some of the yummy deliciousness as his last meal as he is about to die.  Rather than bring it back, they end up eating it all before they get back to their destination.  They lie to Jeff's crazy wife Susie and say that Pinkberry was closed.  Therefore, the dog didn't get his favorite meal on his deathbed. 

I totally understand how Larry and Jeff could have done that.  This stuff is phenomenonal.  The location we went to had four flavors of frozen yogurt (original, chocolate, watermelon and peanut butter) to choose from and a vast array of fresh, yummy toppings!  Take a look yourself!

There were so many too choose from that I had a difficult time deciding what I would have.  We each sampled all of the flavors.  The peanut butter was the winner for me and Clint chose watermelon.  The toppings I chose were Mango, Strawberry, yogurt chips and slivered almonds!  I cannot describe just how yummy this was.  Clint has watermelon, mango, raspberries and strawberries.

 Look at our choices.

 Clint is excited.
Not only was the frozen yogurt great, but I loved the bright modern decor.  Look at the wall behind the two tables.  It almost looked like pressed flowers in glass and it was all lit up. 

I love the white chairs.  I would have stolen one if I could have gotten away with it. 
Only joking...not the stealing type...but I do love them lots!

A special thanks to Larry David for the intro.  Also, for anyone in the Ann Arbor area, according to this San Diego location there is one opening in that area.  Lucky!  I am sure the next time we go to The Ark for a concert, Clint and I will hit it up!

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