Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Recipe--Panko Crusted Fish

Here is the long awaited recipe for the Panko Crusted Fish with Wasabi Tartar Sauce.  Rachel's recipe was for Fishwiches.  We ran with the sandwiches too but I made fresh baguettes rather than use buns.

Lets begin with the Wasabi Tartar which I opted to take the easy route on.  You simply mix (1) cup of mayo, (2) tbsp of soy sauce, (1) tsp fresh lime juice.  Then stir in (1) tsp wasabi paste and (2) tbsp of sweet pickle relish.

This tartar was spot on.  Perfect.  I would def make it for other fish recipes as well or for an Asian style taco.  

For the tartar there is an alternate recipe of making the mayo yourself with eggs, lemon juice, etc.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Just kidding...I was just lazy.

I placed this in the fridge until the fish was done.

For the fish---that turns out wonderfully, the steps are easy peasy.  The ol' basic, flour coat, egg wash and batter.

I used (4) pollock filets but any white fish would work and is what Rachel recommends.  (pretty trustworthy source).  I seasoned the fish with Old Bay seafood seasoning and a bit of salt and pepper.  Filled a dish with 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour, another with (2) eggs beaten with a splash of water and the last with 1 1/2 cups Panko mixed with 3 tbsp of freshly chopped chives, (1) tsp ground ginger and (1) tsp garlic powder.

Heat a large skillet with 1/4" canola oil on medium high heat.  Fry the fish for about three minutes on each side.  Flip the fish gently when the three minutes is up on the one side so it doesn't break apart and so you don't get splattered with crazy hot oil of course.  Place it on a paper towel lined plate when it's all done.  

As I said, we had ours on baguettes and topped with a coleslaw blend and the yummy Wasabi Tartar.  I served with lime to squeeze on top.  It was so fresh and yummy.  

This was certainly a must try recipe.  I will likely make this my go to fish fry recipe.  Unless, Rachel Ray throws another scrumptious idea my way through her next issue! 


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