Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sharing my "mommy thoughts" with my babies.

I have mentioned before that I set up an email account for each of my kids and that I send them emails when I have the chance.  I send them individually and sometimes with both of them being the recipient of the same message.    Sometimes, I send a quick photo with a caption, I tell them about funny things they said or did and other times I will send them what I think of as my "mommy thoughts".  These "mommy thoughts" are deeper and are the things I think about and want to share with them.  They are things I want them to know about me, the world and just life in general.

After writing my email to the both of them today, I thought it was a good one to share.  I am not sure when I will share this email account with them, maybe in middle school or high school, but I hope when they do, they truly enjoy reading the letters and snippets I've written to them.   As a graduation gift, I will likely go back and print every one of them and have it made into a book as gift to them.

Here is todays mommy thought.

Hello my dears,

You're both napping together at the moment in the camper.  We are up north at Great Grandma Hodack's for a weekend getaway.  Mommy read you both a few books and Gwen wiggled around, not wanting to fall asleep for quite awhile before dozing off.  You are quite a ball if energy and sass.  ;). Jude took a moment too, but was admittedly tired so didn't take as long.

I always think as your mommy what I hope you both become.  I don't think about what career, how many kids I wish you to have, what sports and activities you should do etc, so much as I do the characteristics I want you to have.  The other day I tried to think of what the one characteristic would be (if I could choose) that i wish you both would possess and it came pretty easily to me.  If I could wish you had any one character trait it would be that you are both compassionate.  

To be compassionate to those around you is one of the greatest things I think you can be.  Not only are you helping others and being the person someone needs at that moment but your soul in turn is being rewarded.  There is a certain sense of joy I feel from helping someone whether it be something little or big.  It's so important to put that compassion out into the world because others will see it radiating out of you and want to follow your path.  It simply makes the world a more beautiful, pleasant place to be for everyone.  

It's important to be intuitive to reach people on a level that is more than what is on the surface.  This means that if you sense someone is hurting, not themselves or needs someone but isn't able to or is ashamed to ask for help, you are able to recognize it.  When you do, don't ignore it for fear of getting involved or being apprehensive about crossing any lines but act on it.  Reach out to them, talk to them, hold their hand and just be there to listen.  It takes a brave person to do it and step up to the plate.  

In essence, I just want you both to be caring, loving people and do not be afraid or so insecure that it holds you back from sharing that with the world.  A woman is not weak for doing such a thing and a man is not any less macho for showing a caring nature.  It's something that God wishes us to be.  

I love you my sleeping angels.  You are my world and know always that mommy loves you.

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