Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Card Box

This Valentine's Day, my kiddos were given the opportunity to bring in a box of their own to school for their classmates to place their cards and treats in for their classroom parties.  Of course they really wanted to have a say in what they wanted in terms of design--but the construction, not so much.  I happened to have some old cardboard cake board flats left over from Jude's Boy Scout fundraiser earlier this month and some remains from what was thrown in to recycling.  

Jude wanted a football jersey--not just any team, but his very favorite one of all--his daddy's football team.  I constructed this  box out of cardboard and duct tape.    I wrapped it in paper and painted everything with the exception of the emblem on the front which is actually a sticker that goes on helmets.  I stayed up til the wee  hours and Jude was thrilled when he saw it in the morning.

Gwenyth wanted hers to be the Lipstick from Shopkins.  I searched the web for what it looked like and found a similar one on Pinterest and got to work.  I bent the cardboard at each corrugated section  and duct taped the heck out of it to create a cylinder shape.  I then found a cereal box in recycling a pieced in the bottom and made the arms.  Wrapped in paper and painted away.  They eyes are layers of paper taped on top of one another. Voila!  Gwenyth was so happy with it and could not wait to show it off at her party.

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