Monday, February 1, 2016

Fort Worth

My high school friend, Jill and I have been talking about visiting my friend Sara and Erik in Texas for quite some time now.  We would talk about it, life would happen and we'd get busy. Then we'd talk about it again---and then same would happen.  We'd get busy with our kids schedules, busy with other vacations that were set in stone, I would hit my busy work season, or Sara would be back here in Michigan visiting family.  It just kept taking a back burner to all the "in your face" constant demands that we have as working mommas. Sound familiar?

Well shortly before Christmas while searching travel sites---which I do pretty much EVERY day of my life as I am always looking for my next adventure....I saw that Spirit Airlines had a flight to Dallas/Fort Worth that was insanely cheap---I mean like $68.20 cheap!  DIRT CHEAP! After adding a carry on---the total was $103.20 roundtrip.  Since Jill and I decided we'd stuff our stuff in together in the same carry on -- we shaved a little off our total which worked out great on the way there---but was a little cramped on the way back.  We were doing this flight on the cheap since we both had upcoming vacations directly from returning from this trip. I was also able to talk my friend Kristen in to joining us which which worked out so splendid.  She had recently relocated from Seattle to Chicago, so hopefully it was a stress reliever for her.

Upon boarding our early AM flight from Detroit, I knew exactly what I wanted to have for breakfast; a healthy meal of protein and grapes.  Hence, the peanuts and wine. 

We stopped to pose for a pic with the city as our backdrop.

I am a very early riser---unlike my peers.  So as they slept, I took a morning stroll by myself to get coffee and visit this gem of a gallery called the Sid Richardson Museum.  The paintings were wonderful and features paintings by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell.  The art epitomizes the great American West.  The gallery was free, the young gal at the front counter was extremely friendly and it was the perfect way to start the day.

We went to the Stockyards to watch the cattle drive.

 Visited some shops and tried on some 'stache shades with Kristen. 

And these wonky ones that I wish I would have purchased!

We saw these pretty fountains all lit up at night.  Don't get your hopes up though about running through them and splashing around.  It is highly frowned upon.

They do allow selfies in front of it though!

The last day we began with brunch at Cafe Modern inside the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

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