Sunday, March 28, 2010

Looking for inspiration....

Our living room has taken a drastic change. Our walls once included three walls in a color called Adobe Straw (which was in the beige family) and another one that was chocolate brown. They are now ALL an off white color. There were multiple reasons for the switch. First, I just needed a change. Second, with Spring near, I needed something brighter. And third, we are considering putting our house on the market and thought that it should be more neutral and more of a blank slate for potential buyers. Now that we have the walls painted, I am looking for new DIY wall art that is more artistic and colorful than what I had before, but not something that is too drastic.

My husband and I still have not decided what direction we want to go in as far as our house goes at the moment, so the off white walls are staying for now. Our options are to stay in the house we currently reside, move to another home or to build. The factor that keeps us in our house now is our yard. It is what we fell in love with when we bought it! We have nearly three acres of land that has a creek running through the back. We also have a shed and a rustic fence enclosing our two wonderful dogs in the back yard so we don't have to wory about them when we are at work during the day or are away on weekends. Also, there are over 30 trees in the front yard alone. We own a a wooded acre lot to the side of us as well. The mature trees, the seculsion from neighbors, the quiet and the lushness make us hesitant to leave.
The reason for wanted to move was simply because we wanted more space. Our current home is 3 bedrooms/2.5 bath. Plenty of space for our family of three, but we hope to someday be a family of four or five with a room for guests. Also, we have no "formal" dining space which is a problem only because I love to host gatherings.
We have looked into buying a new house but are finding it difficult. So with exploring our options, we either find a house we love on a lot that is absolutely terrible (in a subdivision on less than an acre---yuck) or a yard we love with a terrible house! We love the idea of building, but again, we are having a hard time finding a lot we love. We are looking to stay in the area or closer in the direction of my husbands job, which is only eight miles away. The problem lies in the fact that we are surrounded by farm land. Therefore, all of the lots are surrounded by corn fields and are bare with no trees! That is not an option with us. Unless we find a lot we love - I think we will stay in our current house and make a five year plan to put an addition on that includes a formal dining room, a guest bedroom and a family room. We will see what happens.

But in the meantime, I am looking for a DIY wall art project to fill our big wall above the couch. It has to be large in scale since the ceiling are vaulted in the living/kitchen area. I will post pics below of the space prior to the off-white paint and hopefully will find something that will work! Any suggestions are strongly welcomed!

Here is the living room. The walls are off-white, rug (and cat) removed and curtains are now blue.
Here is our irreplaceable yard I mentioned.
So lush and not a neighbor in sight!
Here is our view when we have dinner nearly every night in Spring and Summer.
Just posting these pics makes me not want to leave all over again.
We may just have to develop our five year plan after all.

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