Friday, February 25, 2011

Blogs that Inspire Update

After looking at my blog, I realized that I needed to update my "blogs that inspire" tab.  I haven't edited it since I first began my blog and felt it was time.  I added a bunch and removed a few that I hadn't been actively looking at. 

I wanted to give some insight to a few of them in case you all wanted to start following as well.  Here is a little summary of a few of them that I absolutely love. 

I love this blog.  I look t it almost on a daily basis.  I love it for a number of reasons.  First, the frequency of posts is amazing.  So consistent!  I envy this.  Next, it has introduced me to so many blogs that I now follow.  The writer of this particular blog, Lorie, basically features other projects and ideas from other blogs.  The variety she offers is amazing!  There are home decor ideas, party ideas, links to recipes, fashion, and even baby ideas.  This is one to check out.

Recently, she posted about these Fortune Cookie Baby Booties.

And what about this great idea.  I know I will pass by some old shutters at a garage sale this summer so I have this idea saved to my favorites.  I love the colors used in this room as well!


If you like to throw a good party, this is the site for you.  Kara features parties she has planned and those that are chosen from the submissions she receives.  There are so many great ideas...some that I am going to borrow for parties I host for Clint, Jude and the new baby on the way.  Also, if any of my friends would start getting married or having babies....I have some great ideas from this site I would love to share with them!  If you are looking for a prticular theme, there is a categories section on the right.

I will for sure be throwing a football party with ideas taken from her feautured party some time in my future. I really like this table set up from the Football Birthday Party. 

For the adults, I like this Bloody Mary bar.  Clint's friends, Steve especially, loves Bloody Mary's.

Also, there is not much I don't love about the Carnival Birthday Party.  That was actually going to be our theme for Jude's party this year, but I think it will be best to save it for when he is a little older...maybe next year or the following.  (When he is a little less afraid of clowns). 

And for a girl party, a Baking Party would be so fun!

Or how about this Owl Birthday Party!

3.  LoveK
This is a blog written by my very best friend, Kristen who lives all too far away in Everett, Washington.  (Oh, how I miss her always).  I especially love her blog because it keeps me updated on what she is up to in a different, non-traditional way.  It makes me feel closer to her.  She is uber creative and smart and always comes up with great ideas.  She gives a lot of how-to's on her blog which are so helpful.  She makes tasks that you may have thought too difficult seem easy. 

For example, her explanation of the install that took place of this push-button lock impressed me.

And this transformation made me want to do this over my sink as well because I despise what is currently there.

Well here are three of the fourteen blogs I have listed on my page.  I absolutely love these ones as well as the other ones...but only have so much time to tell you all about them in detail.  Maybe later this week I will give a breif description of some of the other ones!

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  1. I was looking through your blog and saw that you were looking for some nursery ideas. I had come across this the other day and thought you might like it. I really like the alphabet name picture. Here it is...