Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Clint and I don't do much for Valentine's Day.  At most, we say "Happy Valentine's Day" if we remember.   We use to get eachother a card and a little something each year, but somehow silently agreed it was silly.  I think that it's a holiday that's cool when you're in high school and your boyfriend brings or has flowers or some other suprise delivered to you.  I suppose after you don't celebrate it for years and suddenly you actually do something, it makes it more exciting as well. 

That is what I decided to do this year.  This morning I decided to deliver a Valentine's Day themed lunch to my hubby at work with Jude.  By his reaction, I think he liked it a lot. I used my bento that I love so much to layer all the elements on top of one another.  I blogged about this wonderful bento here.

Here's what his lunch consisted of:

Layer one was a HUGE heart shaped brownie-freshly baked, a banana with "I am banana's for you" written on it and a salad underneath.  The salad had heart shaped cheese and tomatoes that spelled out "I love you".

Layer two had (2) Heart shaped sandwiches, fresh strawberries, a fruit crisp and his Raspberry Vinegarette salad dressing. 

Layer three was just (2) Valentine's Day cookies, his fave kind of cupcake (Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting), and I cut and molded one of his Fiber One bars into a heart. 

 Cute, huh?  I think so...especially for deciding to do it the morning of.  What did you do for your someone special? 

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