Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kid in the kitchen.

Since Jude has been waking up so early lately and I am usually up since I am unable to sleep because of numbness in my arms I decided to let him help me make breakfast in bed for him and daddy tis past Monday.  It worked out nicely since Clint was home from work because of Memorial Day.  Jude loves to watch me cook and is eager to help in any way possible.  He loves to sprinkle spices, mix things with an egg beater, crack the eggs or pour one thing into another.  On this particular day, he cracked an egg, poured milk, beat eggs and made toast!  He was so excited and thrilled when it was all done.  He couldn't wait to tell daddy how he had helped.  It was too cute.  What's even cuter is this picture. 

I think it is so wonderful to watch kids in the kitchen.  While Clint was away this past week helping out at his Grandma's, I bought the fixings for homemade pizza.  I thought it would be a fun activity for Jude to make dinner.  He has helped make pizza before, but was only allowed to put toppings on.  This time he was able to "paint" olive oil on to the crust, pour and paint the sauce, add the cheese and place all the toppings.  He eound this thrilling.  Oh, the little things.  Here are pics of my cutie making dinner for himself and mommy.

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