Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kids are cute. We love Turtle. Unknown Man.

I know that everyone always say kids say and do the most adorable things ever.  Well I have proof.  Jude went to his room to go to bed and when I went in to go see him, this is what I found.  
Jude fell asleep with his headlamp on holding his Turtle.  

Speaking of Turtle, yesterday the kids and I went to meet my mother in law (Grandma Horsey) and her hubby (Grandpa Chuck) from the airport.  They were returning from a two month long trip to Hawaii.  Their flight was delayed so we were waiting for a little while and Jude had to take Turtle in with us.  Gwenyth kept herself busy with just running around.  Thankfully it was late so there were very few people there.  Well in our excitement of seeing Grandma and Grandpa we forgot Turtle.  We left the area and went downstairs to the baggage claim area.  Ten minutes later a man and what must have been his granddaughter approached me, held out Turtle and asked if we had left it upstairs.  I thanked him and told him how devastated my son would have been had we left him.  I took Turtle to Jude and told him what happened and was so happy.  He held Turtle tight the entire ride home and kept saying "sorry for leaving you behind Turtle, I am so happy to have you back." 

This morning, he said to me was "wasn't that so nice of that man to bring me back Turtle?  He didn't have to do that did he?"  I responded with "no, he didn't" and we both agreed "he was awfully nice."

There is so much good in the world.  

Thank you unknown man with his granddaughter at the airport.  
We will certainly pass on the good deed.

Back to kids and cute things---sorry, seeing Turtle in the picture got me off track.  Isn't this adorable?  I love that he insists on wearing his headlamp.  He wears it when we read books in his bed at night. 

So there is your proof.  Kid's most certainly do the most adorable things.  (and people are simply wonderful for just being kindhearted and perfect).

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