Friday, July 23, 2010

Another reason I love my community.

Last night Clint, Jude and myself went to the Vacation Bible School Finale. It begins with a 6 PM mass and a huge celebration afterwards. It is a pretty huge deal in our community as it attracts so many people, especially considering just how small New Lothrop is. It is a great time for the kids and adults alike. They have tons of activities set up and a huge spread of food. For example, they had a huge blowup obstacle course, a bouncy tent, horse/pony rides, carnival games, a train ride, huge remote control cars, face painting and a person who made animals and such out of balloons. For food they had hot dogs, sloppy joes, salad, french fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, elephant ears and a chocolate fountain with tons of fruits and sweets to dip.

We all had a really great time and it makes me look forward to the time when Jude will be old enough to participate in all our church has to offer. One of the reasons we bought our house where we did was due to the proximity to our church. We always knew that it would be a big part of our lives, so it was really important to us. We attended this church together when we first started dating (nearly ten years ago) as it was where Clint and his family attended. We even drove home on the weekends and attended some masses while we were in college an hour away. It is where I eventually went on to take my RCIA classes and converted to become Catholic. I had my First Communion there and we were married in our beautiful church. Also, we had Jude baptised at St. Michaels and we gained a God-son who was also baptised there as well. There are many reasons that our church holds a special place in our hearts and the steps that the parishioners take to bring the community together is one of them.
Oh yeah--I almost forgot. I won a super cute sock monkey that they were raffling off. I haven't taken a picture of it yet but will and will post. I would now--but unfortunately my batteries are dead. Sorry. Anyways, I wanted to share some pictures of our fun night. Jude had a really wonderful time and so did we.
If you don't know this about Jude, I should mention that he is obsessed with ducks.
Jude and daddy as Jude points at the huge remote control planes overhead and makes his plane noises.
Trying to decide which direction to go next.
Two most handsome guys I know.

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