Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bathroom Spruce-up Part 1

I have been working on revamping our master bathroom. When we first moved in the walls were just plain white. One aspect that I love about this bathroom is that there is a full size closet in it (that I installed a closet system in) with a dressing area in front of it. That makes it so convenient but til now, I wasn't properly utilizing the space. I had my jewelry and hair ties scattered everywhere, my belts in a tub, towels on a rack that I didn't love and toiletries completely unorganized. Now, it is a much more functional space.

I purchased and painted this paint quite some time ago from Home Depot's oops paint! I always get lucky with the oops paint. In fact, all three of our bathrooms are done with it and so is Jude's room. At $5.00 a gallon, you can't beat it!

Anyways, the buffet I got for free and refinished was placed along the left wall. I hung the jewelry board I made from a $1.99 Goodwill frame above it and hung some of my earrings/necklaces/rosary on it. I placed two dishes I received from my mother in law on top. They each contain a shade of blue or aqua that makes it work in the space. One contains all of my (and some of Clint's) smelly goods (perfumes/lotions) and the other holds some decorative items. There is a silver holder from Pottery Barn that I use for q-tips and also some capiz shell accessories as well.

There are a few things that I still need to do on the dressing room side of the bathroom.

  • Crown molding (entire bathroom)
  • Hang a chandelier
  • Sew a chair pad for the stool pictured on the right
  • Buy/Sew and Hang drapes
  • Refinish other two frames bought at Goodwill to hang on either side of jewelry board
As for the other half of the bathroom, an update will surely follow (hence the "Part 1" in the title). I have plans on painting a two-tiered basket that I got yesterday at a garage sale for .25 and hanging it outside the bathtub/shower. It will house some washcloths, soap and bath salts within arms reach. Also, the towel warmer will be moved to a more appropriate position right next to the bath in lieu of the towel holder that I spoke of previously that I didn't love. I will be repainting the magazine holder to match the new decor and accessories.
My dream would be to rip out the existing tub/shower combo and just make it into a large tiled shower with a bench. It would better suit our needs as we rarely take baths in there and have another bathroom in our home that has a bath tub. Also, it would be more spacious for two people. When we do get to the point where we do pursue this idea, we will also redo the floors and add radiant heating.
Well here are pics of the dressing area. I don't have a before, but just imagine an empty space of white walls.

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