Monday, July 26, 2010

I live for Mondays!

I always look forward to Monday's. It's not the whole going to work part that gets me excited, it's the fact that it's the day that I take a look at my Dashboard of my blog to see what the bloggers that I follow had posted over the weekend. I find so much inspiration from the people that I follow! The ideas that they come up with are amazing!

For example, over at Frugal Life Project, I found a great way to repurpose unattractive canvas art that can be found at the Dollar Tree. The how-to can be found here. Not only does this blog contain greta project ideas, but they often post different coupon codes and promotions that are going on. How helpful is that when you are trying to be frugal?

Everyone knows from previously posts of mine that I love to refinish furniture. I currently have a hope chest that I refinished about 2 years ago that serves as a TV stand in our master bedroom. Now that Jude is so mobile and touching everything, we need to find a something for the TV that will stand higher. The reason for this is because he is constantly turning the TV and components on and off continuously. Not only is it a waste of energy, but also probably not good for the tv. Anyways, I had been thinking that a dresser would be a nice height and add a great deal of storage. Therefore when I saw the before and after over at Be Different, Act Normal, I got excited to search for suitable dressers on CraigsList.

Another great furniture makeover I found was this desk over at Sweet Something Design. I have been trying to think of something to add to the buffet I recently refinished and I think that this helped my decision. I was going to add some scrollwork to the side panels of my buffet, but am thinking that this may be a better option. I have decided that I will be putting the buffet in our master bedroom for towel and toiletry storage, so I think that the initial or our monogram would be great in the master bath.

Now do you understand why Monday's are so wonderful? They are full of inspiration!

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