Friday, July 16, 2010

Buffet Makeover (pt. 1)

It's been a long process...but it is finally almost complete. It's taken quite a while since I am only able to work on my projects in shifts....and those shifts revolve around balancing work, the upkeep of the house, cooking dinner and a very energetic 15.5 month old and his naps.

I sanded, primed and painted the buffet that I scored for FREE at a garage sale early this summer. I think that it turned out amazing. The piece was outdated and simply an eyesore before the transformation. It was dark and rustic which wasn't the look I was going for at all. The new one is fresh and vibrant. I actually even repainted all the hardware with spray paint in a Bahama Sea color. I considered swapping colors and making the buffet the bold color and the hardware the almond color, but knowing that I get sick of things easily, I decided I should save myself the trouble. I know that had I done it in the Bahama Sea color that within a few months, I would be shopping for a new color to repaint it.

Here is a look at the colors up close. I don't know why...but I tend to always go with the Krylon brand. It covers so well, dries fast and I love that you can switch the angle of the nozzle.

I got a great idea while preparing to paint the screws. I wanted to paint the screws because they would all visible...but I did not want to get paint on the anchor portion because I thought that the buildup of paint would be a mess when I replaced the hardware on the piece. I sure as heck didn't have time to tape them all this was my solution.

I found an old piece of cardboard from the hose I purchased for Clint awhile back and poked them through. It worked like a charm and was proud of myself for being so resourceful.
I want you to remember what it looked like originally. See what I mean...yuck! I do appreciate that its real wood and is a solid piece though!
Now---for the after. Still a solid piece, but fresh and much more current. The blue is much more teal/Carribean in person.

The only thing that I have left to do to is refinish the backer board. If I set this buffet against the wall now, you would see the wall behind it when you open the doors. I removed the backer board because I plan on covering it in a coordinated wallpaper, fabric or wrapping paper. I want it to look cute even when its doors are open.
I have also been debating whether I wanted to get a stencil and do a design on the sides of the buffet. We'll see. You'll have to wait for pt. 2 to find out what I decide.

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