Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have joked that the baby we are expecting is going to be huge because her kicks are so hard and when she moves, she moves with a lot of force.  Therefore, I thought for sure she must be much larger than Jude.  Jude was a mover and kicker, but he started about a month and a half after his sister and he wasn't as constant.

I had a doctors appointment today and I asked out of curiosity whether this baby is measuring larger than Jude did because I swear she must be huge and about ready to come out.  He said it was quite the opposite and that she is measuring quite small.  My immediate question was "could that be related to the possible Down's Syndrome?"  He said no, but he wants to see what is going on when he gets my glucose results back tomorrow and see with an ultrasound why this may be.  If I don't have the Diabetes this time, I assume that could be the explanation since babies of mothers with Gestational Diabetes tend to be larger.  Jude was 7 lbs 13.6 oz.  A pretty decent sizes baby I'd say.

Now with this on my has been my new constant thought.  Of course I have done my searches online and I instantly regretted it as I do every time I hear that there is a possibility of something being abnormal or wrong.  They always have the worse case scenarios published...and I look at those ones much more closely than I do others.

Please God do not let anything else be "possibly" wrong.

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