Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last minute unlike me.

Last Saturday during the craziness of preparing for Jude's 2nd Birthday party which was the following day, we decided that we were going to Florida for a family vacation and we would be leaving directly after the party!  It was very spur of the moment and unplanned.  If you know me at all, you will know that this is not like me at all especially when it comes to something such as a vacation.  I am a planner in every way, so when Clint asked if I was interested, I was a bit hesitant at first.  Even though I was already creating my extensive to do list in my mind, I figured, why not?  We agreed that it would be a great last trip with Jude before the arrival of his baby sister and it wasn't likely we would get he opportunity to vacation at such a little cost in the near future.  The family we went with already had a place to stay and cost us nothing, that was a major bonus.  Also, we were splitting gas, so that was a huge cost savings as well.  We couldn't see any cons in the situation, only pros.  So we went and enjoyed every moment.  We had valuable family time which is essential with preparations for football season looming around the corner.  We spent time having meals together, going to CoCoa Beach, walking around Downtown Disney, going for walks, spending time with other families we knew that were vacationing nearby, exploring nature, hanging out at the pool and simply talking.  Also, Clint was able to have guy time by going out with his friends, golfing and disc golfing as well.  It was a truly a memorable time.  Weather was gorgeous the entire time as well. 

Speaking of the weather, I experienced my very first sunburn during this trip.  I was told my skin would be more sensitive during pregnancy but silly me thought that meant only my belly.  I was wrong.  I put a lot of care into lathering my belly with sunscreen, ignoring the rest of me.  Before I knew it, my back was burnt.  It was the worst thing ever.  I now feel bad for those who burn regularly.  I was such a baby about the entire situation.  I whined continuously throughout the night and woke up three times to apply aloe.  Luckily, the next day it was all better and no longer painful.  I hope to never experience that again.

I would like to share a few of the pics from our trip.  Jude was adorable the entire time and every time I told him to smile or pulled out the camera, he flashed me the most gorgeous smile.
 Jude's tusha was hanging out when daddy threw him up.
 Here's that gorgeous smile I was telling you about.
 Playground at the resort.
 Two of the most handsome boys I know.
 Jude was not at all a fan of this guy.
 He loves "cycles".
 Family pic.
 Tiny tot craft time at the resort.  Jude painted a snake.
 He liked to finger-paint it.
 He REALLY loved this area.  Played in it for hours.
 What a happy boy.
 He looks like such a big boy here.
 Daddy and Jude going down the slide.
 Looks so tough.
 He looks like he is trying out for the Baywatch cast.
 What a beauty.
 He loved everything about the ocean, except the taste.
 Happy Boy.
 The love of my life.
 Mommy and Jude.
 Another family pic.
 We spotted two of these on our trip.
 And lots of these.

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  1. I am so glad we decided to go on our spontanuous family vacation, I had a great time! I have the best family in the world, a perfect wife and an amazing son. Thanks for everything you do. I love you!