Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gwenyth's Baptism and Brunch

Our little angel, Gwenyth had her Baptism on August 7th and it was such a beautiful ceremony.  It was held at St. Michaels in New Lothrop which is the church we are members of.  It is where we attended throughout college, where I had my first Communion and beacme Catholic, where we were married, and where Jude was Baptised.  We were blessed to share the day with close family and friends.  We chose her Godparents just as carefully as we did for Jude and chose our closest friend Steve for the Godfather and my husbands sister, Amanda as her Godmother.  We were ecstatic to see how honored they were when we approached them about taking on the role.  We truly are blessed by the great people who are in our lives.  After the ceremony, we held a brunch at our home and it turned out beautiful.  This is one party I would say I am most proud of. 

I wanted it to be more elegant than a cookout which is what we had for Jude's big day.  I think I wanted it to be more girly and feminine.  Therefore, we had cloth tablecloths, runners and floral centerpieces.  And as usual, I stayed up the entire night before preparing food and working on last minute details such as the cooridnating food cards.

The menu was so delicioous and yummy and I tried to keep it simple, which is often quite hard for me.  I loved how everything turned out and it all looked just so.....pretty!  I borrowed beautiful ornate chafing dishes for the food to keep warm in and bought matching containers for the drinks to be poured from.  Also, we had a big tent in case it rained that also added to the elegance of everything.  As for the menu, we had homemade biscuits and gravy, waffles with a homemade blueberry sauce (this sauce was ridiculous with all it's yummyness), Baked Stuffed French Toast, Roasted Potatoes, Summer Fruit Salad, Individual Omelet cups, Ham, assorted scones, coffee cake and muffins, individual fruit and yogurt parfaits topped with granola and Aunt Rita's yummy delicious cake!

It was such a wonderful day. We cannot be happier with the decision we have made to raise our children in a faithful, loving family with Christian beliefs. We hope that by with the guidance we provide them, as well as their Godparents, they will continue on the same path and continue to be as blessed as they were on the day of their Baptisms.

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