Thursday, September 15, 2011

Overnight to Chicago

I decided to take both kids to Chicago for  weekend getaway ALL BY MYSELF!  Might not seem like a big deal but traveling on a train with an infant and a toddler is very hard work when you consider luggage, stroller, snacks, and two kids!  Whew!  It was tough at times but so well worth it!  We all had such a great time and Jude cannot stop talking about the Aquarium (Shedd) and how much fun the splashy water place was!  There were a few moments on the train during the trip back that I thought I was going to completely lose my mind but we got through it and made so many wonderful memories.  We stayed with one of my friends from college, Andrea who is the best hostess.  She took us around everywhere and was so helpful with the kids! 

I thought I would share some photos from our trip.

Jude in front of the sign at our departing station in Durand, MI. 
He was so thrilled to know that he was going to be riding on a train!

Group pic.
One of the surprises I brought to entertain him on the train.
Napper #1.

Napper #2.  Even better!

We went right to Shedd and Jude had to put his hands into the water in the fountain outside.

What an angel.
He loved the Aquarium!

He has the absolute best smile I have ever seen.

Our hostess, Andrea! 

This was all of our favorite part of Shedd!  The 4D experience!
Jude adores Andrea's dog, Butterball!  He spoils him with endless amounts of treats!
Subway ride!

I adore this boy!

Gwenyth taking it all in!

Napper #1.  (Praise God)!
Napper #2.  (Even better)!

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