Monday, September 12, 2011

To infinity and beyond!

This is a long time coming.  I have been meaning to post it for quite some time, but I just have not had the time.  I love love love planning parties.  I especially love parties for my kiddos and family.  Well, this past March we had Jude's 2nd Birthday party and it was a Toy Story theme.  He was very into it at the time basically because the hubs forced it on him.  Clint really likes the Toy Story movies and pretty much watched it over and over until Jude started paying attention. 

I cannot tell you my stress level prior to this party.  We decided to go to Florida literally the day prior to his party.  That means I had not packed, ran errands for a weeklong trip or made any other vacation related arrangements.  Therefore on top of party stress, I had spontaneous-we-leave-for-Florida-in-24-hours stress. 

I really put a lot of thought into the food for every event and this was no exception.

Here are the cupcakes which we had in lieu of cake.  Baked the cupcakes, dyed the frosting, and used decorating gel for the mouth and on the eyes (which are Mentos) as well.

Pizza Planet Pizza Bites
These were a big hit!

Lightyear Krispie Treats 
Clint actually made these.  Can you believe that I have never made Rice Krispies Treats?

Rex's Ribs

Slinky's Spiral Pasta Salad

Potato Head Salad 

Individual veggies with dip.

Fruit kabobs.

Some of the kids enjoying their grub...all with their own Toy Story juice.

More kid pics.

 My big boy blowing out his candles.

Then taking a nose dive into his cake.

Opening gifts.

And loving his helmet.


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