Monday, September 26, 2011

Hair diddies from felt rosettes

There are a gazillion tutorials on how to make felt rosettes but here is how I do it.  I made a few yesterday so that I could make some hair diddies for Gwenyth in black and white that she could wear to the football games.  I also made a few for my niece who started preschool this year. 

To get started, I cut a square out of the felt.

Then simply make a swirl design with a marker, pen or pencil and cut along the line.
You do not have to actually draw it out, I usually don't but for tutorial purposes, I did.

You will end up with this.

 Take the outside part of the swirl and begin rolling it until you reach the center of the swirl.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the end of the swirl to the back of the rosette.  It's amazing how it works out...but you will be left with the perfect end to glue into place. 
 I often like to cut out a cirle to glue on the backside for extra security and so it doesn't snag ones hair. 

 Here is the finished product.

I chose the two smallest ones and glued them onto a piece of felt and put a dab of glue to fuse them together as well. 

Then, I attached a clip for using it in your hair and it was complete.

So simple and cheap, it's sickening.  It takes maybe a total of five minutes to make a rosette and if you have a hot glue gun, you can make four small rosettes for about fifty cents.

These rosettes are not only cute in hair, but also on pillows and wreaths as well!

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