Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Snail Mail shouldn't be a thing of the past.

I love snail mail.  There is nothing like getting something in the mail that isn't a bill or some sort of credit card offer.  Wouldn't you agree?  Whether it be a simple letter or a card for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or a package with a gift enclosed, there is nothing quite like it.  When someone sends snail mail, you know much more went into it.  It begins with them thinking about you, they drove to the store, picked the perfect card, wrote in it, stuffed the card into the envelope, licked the icky tasting envelope, spent money on a stamp and took it to the mailbox.  I worry that my kid's generation will miss out on this feeling. 

To try to avoid this, I do my best to make sure that Jude understands its importance.  Not only do we usually send out Thank you, Easter, Halloween and other holiday cards especially from him to his little buddies and cousins, but I also have him help me send out other mail as well.

I love how excited he gets about it!  He gets into his tractor with all the mail by his side and drives down the driveway with me following.  Then he positions his tractor perfectly so her can reach and place them in there himself. 

And some of them get a little extra love (spit).  <3

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