Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bedding Ideas

Here are some of the bedding choices I found on etsy that I love.  I think that I may buy the blanket/quilt and make the crib skirt and bumpers myself, that way I can use whatever print I want.  I am sure I will be scouring the blogs for tutorials for the two projects.

I found this one over in beanstalkbyizzy's shop.  Can you believe that this beautiful blanket with its beautiful print is only $23.00?!

 This one is also wonderful from orangeberrybaby.  I like that its a print for a girl with the birds and flowers but that its not pink.  I like the red and baby blue accents since red is my favorite color and light blue is Clint's.  The blankets in this shop are a reasonable $50 to $60.

Here is another one from the same shop that is pink that I love.  You can find it here.

This may be one of my favorites becuase I like the mixing of patterns between the blanket and crib skirt.  This one is in a shop by babydarling which has a ton of cute, modern items.  For example. look at this mobile!

I have no idea what direction I will go in or what colors will make the final cut, but this is constantly on my mind.  I also think a lot about the baby pictures for this baby girl.  I can't wait to get cute little hats and headbands.

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