Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiration Monday: Nursery Ideas

Thinking about a nursery for a little girl is really exciting.  I am constantly looking for inspiration and ideas on the web. 

I know that I don't want an explosion of pink to take over our existence, that is for sure.  It's not that I will never dress my little girl in pink or have a splash of pink in her room, but I don't find that it should make up the entirety of her clothing choices, accessories or her bedroom decor.  Some people go wild with this concept when they learn they are having a girl; they get pink carseats, pink carseat covers, pink highchair, then they paint the nursery pink that they coordinate with pink curtains, bedding and's just way too much for me. 

I moreso like the mixing of color combinations that you wouldn't ordinarily put together.  I am thinking two or three of the following colors:  Orange, Red, Grey, Teal, Yellow, Black or Fuschia. 

Here are a few nurseries that I like.

This one is from a blog called My Shoestring Life.  I am not a follower of this particular blog but this happened to come up in one of my random searches for nursery ideas.  The post can be found here and a link to additional pics of the nursery on Flickr can be found here.

Isn't the combination of the seafoam hued wall, stark white furniture pieces and the vibrant yellow wonderful?  I also love that on the wall art there are little punches of red as well.

Next, I found this one on Spearmint Baby.  The link to the post about this fabulous nursery can be found here.

This one is great because I love the yellow, teal and grey color scheme.  I think I would add a few more girly touches to it with the prints I chose to serve as the wall art, but looking at the colors of the wreath, the wall decal and bedding makes me happy.

This nursery seems so calm and relaxing.  There isn't much that I don't like about it.  I love the grey, white, pink and orange!  Also, looks so organic.  Find the post here on Jessica Bellemare's blog. 

Well that is it for now.  I have tons of bedding ideas saved in my etsy favorites that I will share with you all tomorrow!  Til then, have a wonderful day.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do! I've been googling and drooling over things at Etsy too-I love the yellows you have in the idea pictures here, I'm so tempted to do yellow even though that's what's in our kitchen :)