Friday, January 14, 2011

More lists....

I am a crazy list maker.  I make lists for everything.  For example, I have a list of different party themes with ideas to plan at least 10 years worth of parties for Jude,  I have a list of projects I want to get done around the house, I have a notebook full of vacation destination ideas (along with sights to see/places to stay/ kid-friendly and economical things to do/etc.), a list of menu's I want to try for different occassions along with recipes to correspond, lists of sewing projects, a guest list for Clint's 30th Birthday party long with the menu, picture of the cake, etc.  I have been thinking about this party for two years and he still has two years til he's 30.  I plan things way in advance so I have to keep lists to remember all these great ideas I come upon.  Makes sense, right?

Well I make your normal lists for groceries, household items, etc. as well.  I just started my list of things I need for baby #2.  Here is what I have come up with so far.  It isn't very long but these are things that I know I will need.

#1)  BumGenius 4.0 One-Size Stay Dry Cloth Diapers (6 pack).

Not sure if I have mentioned this previously, but I have cloth diapered Jude since birth.  I thought it was much more economical and environmentally friendly to do otherwise.  I didn't know anyone else who was doing it, so I searched the internet for some reviews on various brands that were available.  BumGenius won in my eyes for the ease of use and absorbancy.  At the time, they were the only ones I found that were one size fits all which also sold me on the brand.  They have fit Jude this entire time.  After nearly two years, I have no complaints. 

They have even made improvements in the two years since I got mine.  Rather than having velcro closures, they have snaps.  I don't mind the velcro but see how they could be useful as Jude likes to unvelcro his diaper once in awhile and run free.  I think that the snaps would be tougher to undo. 

I am not one of those people who thinks that girls can only wear pinks or purrples.  Therefore, our daughter will use Jude's diapers when she arrives.  Right now I have nine diapers total in two shades of green, two shades of blue and two white ones.  I would like to get maybe six more so that I don't have to wash them every day in the beginning when they go through so many in day.  The colors that I'd like are (2) Clementine (my fave), (2) Zinnia and (2) Blossom.

#2)  BumGenius Flannel Baby Wipes & BumGenius Bottom Cleaner 2.0

I used cloth wipes with Jude when he was little but never on the go.  With baby number two, I would like to use them full time.  I have these flannel cloth wipes but will need some more...maybe a dozen.  I also want to use this spray by BumGenius as well.  It moistens the wipes when you are out of the house when you don't have water on hand. 

#3)  Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller - Zurich

I debated on which would be better; a side by side stroller or one where one child sits in front of the other.  One in front of the other seemed to make the most sense.  I know that when I am out and about with just one child, it is hard enough to get through a doorway or down an aisle.  My crazy husband doesn't seem to think that a double stroller is necesarry, but like I said he is crazy!  I guess it is because I take Jude out and about more often doing errands that I see why it is essential.  I asked him how we would take both kids to the mall or somewhere on vacation without it; was he going to carry one of them the entire time when one of them grew sleepy?  Jude certainly isn't going to follow right next to the single stroller or hold my hand the entire day out.  He's much too energetic for something like that--he needs to be contained when in public or else he will get lost or snatched up becuase he is so darn cute. 

This one had the best reviews and I like the neutral color.

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