Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling good.

Today was another doctors appointment.  It was the first time meeting with my doctor since seeing the specialist and having my uber long ultrasound.  I got weighed (which was a number I was happy with), had my blood pressure taken, gave a urine sample, got my belly measured and listened to the heartbeat.  Then came time for the doctor to ask his question he always asks...."Do you have any questions or concerns?"  I asked a few personal ones...then said that my husband has been complaining because I am breathing so heavy and that I am a bit congested, which I know is normal with some pregnancies, but wasn't this was with Jude.  He said it is perfectly normal.  Next, I asked if the rest of my pregnancy would be treated as high risk.  He said that he would be monitoring me more closely with routine ultrasounds and that after the birth the baby would be highly evaluated, but "no" he would not consider me high risk since my ultrsound results were good.  Not being high risk is a great thing, right?  He felt good about everything, so in turn I did as well.  I left feeling really good, but obviously the possibility of the baby having Down's Syndrome will be in my mind throughout the rest of the pregnancy and will prepare accordingly "just in case".

Also, knowing that I am crazy about staying in the "healthy" weight gain range of 25-35 lbs, he warned me that I will be entering my last 20 weeks of pregnancy soon where the amount of weight I gain will increase much faster.  He said that I should expect to gain about 18-20 lbs, which will keep me in the healthy range with what I have gained so far.  This will put me at less than 30 lbs for my whole pregnancy.  This is my goal.  With Jude I gained 29 lbs and it came off very quickly.  I hear the second time around is more difficult, but I have goals set already.  We are heading to California two months after the baby is due for the wedding of a wonderful college friend.  I must be beach ready before then.

Lastly, he mentioned that I would need to get another glucose test after my next appointment to test for Gestational Diabetes.  I had it with Jude, so I am thinking I will have it this time around.  This morning actually, when I woke up I suddenly got lightheaded, had a cold sweat and got sick.  This might be related to my sugar levels.  Of course, I forgot to mention this at my appointment.  I hate that.  After I leave, I think of a gazillion more questions I wanted to ask.  I need to write them down. 

So, all in all---the appontment went well and I am feeling good about it.

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