Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Animals of all sorts at the Shiawassee County Fair!

I was so excited that the Shiawassee County Fair was coming up and could not wait to take Jude. That opportunity came last Friday. Jude is so in love with all types of animals that I knew he would LOVE this particular fair as it is focused around animals, particularly farm animals as Shiawassee County is a rich farming community. In fact, many of Clint's students participate in the events of the fair and sell their livestock at there as well.

Since we were taking our nephew and niece, Dominic and Addison, I decided to take Jude's wagon in case they got tired of walking and wanted to hitch a ride. Plus, it was incredibly hot out, so I thought they may need a rest. Clint, Ron (my father in law) and myself took turns pulling the kids.

When we arrived, they were auctioning off the sheep. I was confused at first because they were going so cheap....but then Clint told me that it was per pound! That is why they were going for about $2.00. Little sheep are likely already in the purchasers freezer or belly I suppose. The auctioneer was a pro! He was talking so fast that it was difficult to understand what he was saying. It made it fun to listen to!

I think that Jude's favorite part of the entire fair was likely the pigs and goats because of how close he was able to get to them. Also, I know he loved the draft horses. They were so huge and his eyes lit up when he saw them as they are becoming a pertty big obsession of his lately.

After the fair, we went to drop off Dom and Addison at their house and the kids decided to ride bikes and their Power Wheels! Jude loved driving! His sheer happiness is evident in the pictures below.

Jude in the wagon.
One of Jude's very favorite animals. Ducks!
Jude was very intrigued by this gobble gobble.
Our niece, Addison and my father in law, Ron.
Moo! This is after the fair at Dom and Addison's. Lots of bike riding and Power Wheels.
Can you see his excitement as he drives for the first time?
He was so happy his dimple came out to make an appearance. It does anytime he smiles or laughs really big!
Driving on his own.

All three kids after a long day at the fair.

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